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Press coverage includes this .pdf article ("One Night Only") from Preview Massachusetts Magazine

and this article ("A Slice of Life from a Polish Diva") from the Amherst Bulletin

and this .pdf review (Modjeska's Voice Brings Polish Culture, History to Reiche") from The West End News of Portland, Maine.

Comments from the audience:

"What a magnificent performance! You held your audience throughout, and it made me wish I knew Polish."

"Until today we did not know who Helena Modjeska was. Thanks to you we now know how great a lady she was."

"The stage magic kept us concentrated and joyfully entertained."

"A marvelous production of a 'great lady'."

"It was well written, designed, costumed, acted and produced (that was a great audience). I hope you get to do it in many more theaters as it clearly has an audience and it deserves to be done many times again."

"Thank you for an amazing performance at the Academy last Sunday! I do hope you will have opportunities to perform this program again. Kudos!"

"... a tour de force."